Start of school year 2018: get through a payday loan in September

Expenses, of course, increase if we have more children or if we want to get the seedlings off the road with more branded, quality products. It’s easy to think of: starting school is not just about buying school supplies. New clothes for the autumn-winter period, bigger ones can add a smartphone or a laptop to the shopping cart, which can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to start the school year. If this purchase is accompanied by a change of furniture, such as a new desk, expenses may increase further.

Administering such a large amount of salary from one month to another is difficult for even well-to-do families, but it is a particular challenge for single-parent parents. Those who do not have enough savings available at any time, or who are not ready for the start of the school year, can often overcome the September financial challenge with credit.

What kind of loan is worth looking for if we want to survive financial hell?

What kind of loan is worth looking for if we want to survive financial hell?

Most of the wallets that are exhausted after the holidays are replenished with free-standing payday loans until the financials come straight. We have written about this type of credit several times, but the most important features that you need to know before applying are:

  • free use, meaning we can spend the full amount of credit on anything
  • applying requires proof of income, so we must have a permanent job
  • there is no need for real estate collateral and therefore no own resources
  • claiming is lightning fast, you can have money in your checking account within one hour if you claim it online

With a free-to-use payday loan, you can claim between $ 100,000 and $ 10 million, which means that even without real estate coverage, you can cover your school-year expenses with just enough income.

But how much do free-of-charge payday loans cost?


In contrast to home loans, payday loan interest rates have not begun to rise and have maintained their low level over the last few years.

That is, we can now finance our borrowing costs much cheaper than in previous years. Using the Good Finance payday loan Calculator, you quickly find out that you can easily find a payday loan with a APR below 10 percent.

Let’s not rush, compare free-to-use payday loans


If you were to take out a free-to-use payday loan to start school, security and predictability of the loan could be important. From this point of view, these loans hold their place as well, since almost all of the schemes have a fixed interest rate, which means that we have to pay the installment at the end of the term. So we do not have to worry about a drastic increase in installment payments from one month to another.

So what can we expect if we want to cover the start of the school year, the early fall expenses with credit and want to do the bulk shopping this week?

  • If all of the conditions are met, you can make a quick payment, even within one business day
  • Predictable installments to help you plan your family budget for the long term
  • Favorable interest rates of up to 10 percent, making credit financing very cheap compared to previous years
  • The loan can be used for free use, ie clothes, stationery, furniture

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