Party Poker is definitely a poker room that is gaining an increasing number of players, in particular thanks to its interesting initiatives, and a particularly apt choice of his testimonials.


As every year we approach the date that marks the beginning of the event most anticipated by all players, and not just in the world of poker, the WSOP. This edition of 2010, which begins May 27 looks, on paper at least, as one of the most innovative of recent years, and that will certainly be remembered in the annals of the many exciting initiatives that will offer participants.

Cases for Poker Chips

For the carriage of your chips are available in the market for cases with capacity ranging from 200 chips to 1000 chips. Each row contains 50 Fcihes and are generally suitable for any type of chips. They are very light but durable material. A briefcase with 300 chips, full, can 'think around 4/5 kg. They are also very useful for storing chips when you're not playing.

As an alternative to the briefcase there' Carousel, a little 'uncomfortable but' for transport. All models also have slots for 2 decks of cards and 5 dice.

Luxury leather briefcase
And 'the most' beautiful case we've ever seen. The price is completely justified we guarantee it. Made entirely of leather and wood. It has a double drawer and can 'hold up to 500 chips, 2 decks of cards, dice. If you have a nice set of chips, you can not buy it, it really is a whole different thing than the other. There are no plastic parts, is solid and durable.

Top Online Poker Websites

Website Bonus Description
PokerStars 100% to $50 PokerStars is really the star among all online poker room online.
Everest Poker 100% to $100 Launched in 2005, Everest Poker has been broken thanks to information in different languages​.
Bwin Poker 500% to $2,500 # 4 Bwin Poker offers the possibility to download some java software that makes it possible for Mac and Linux users can play online at bwin
Betfair Poker $600 Betfair Poker is part of the Betfair group of companies betting that operates globally with headquarters in the United Kingdom.

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