Party Poker is definitely a poker room that is gaining an increasing number of players, in particular thanks to its interesting initiatives, and a particularly apt choice of his testimonials.


As every year we approach the date that marks the beginning of the event most anticipated by all players, and not just in the world of poker, the WSOP. This edition of 2010, which begins May 27 looks, on paper at least, as one of the most innovative of recent years, and that will certainly be remembered in the annals of the many exciting initiatives that will offer participants.

Why you should play online casino games

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Although many players love the rush that comes with the atmosphere of excitement in land-based casinos, playing at online casinos has its fair share of benefits.

Online gambling has become very popular since the advent of the internet and many people prefer it for the following reasons:

Ease and convenience

Gambling online does not need a lot of effort on your part. All you need is a working internet connection and a computer. Moreover, they are open 24/7, making them easily accessible to those who wish to gamble whenever they like. You do not need to dress up, as there is no need for you to leave the comfort of your home.

No pressure

Many new gamblers do not have the confidence to sit at a blackjack table with seasoned gamblers. However, online gambling allows you to learn how to play at your own pace. No one will be around to scrutinize your every move.

This means that your skills can improve dramatically because you will be playing at the levels that you are comfortable. Moreover, free play options allow you to practice before you join a real game. This is the reason why online poker has many young players, most of whom are below the age of 21.


When you opt for online casino games, you will have a massive variety of games to select. The software providers these days provide plenty of games for online players. You can find all your favorite games as well as different versions of them if you get bored.

Online casinos offer more slot variations and develop them much quicker than land-based casinos can create full-blown machines. There is no need to wait for your favorite slot to be empty; you can play online at any time you want. Moreover, there will be more betting limits at your fingertips with just the push of a button.

Fair, safe, and secure

One of the biggest advantages of playing at online casinos is that they are completely fair and very safe to use. Although some online casinos cannot be trusted, most of them are safer than the land-based equivalents.

If you stick to reputable online gaming sites, you will not need to worry about the fairness of the games or safety of your funds.

Bonuses and rewards

The thing that most players find appealing about online casinos is that they offer extra value. Virtually every casino online offers some sort of incentive to encourage people to sign up and make deposits. The most common bonus comes in the form of extra chips with which to play.

You do not need to spend a bunch of cash to benefit. You will be rewarded in some way for your activity, regardless of how much you stake, or how often you play. However, it is fair to state that high stake players who are regulars receive the best rewards.

Most of the bonuses and rewards that you will find online come with terms and conditions – so you should be careful. It is always worth it to look at them to find out what you are getting yourself into.

If you are looking for the best poker and online casino bonus codes on the web, you should visit sites like the one owned by NJ No Deposit among others.

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There are a few drawbacks when playing at online casinos. For instance, they cannot offer the same atmosphere that is present at land-based casinos. Moreover, when you win money at a physical casino, you simply walk up to the cashier and withdraw. On the other hand, when you play at an online casino, your withdrawals take time to be processed.

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Top Online Poker Websites

Website Bonus Description
PokerStars 100% to $50 PokerStars is really the star among all online poker room online.
Everest Poker 100% to $100 Launched in 2005, Everest Poker has been broken thanks to information in different languages​.
Bwin Poker 500% to $2,500 # 4 Bwin Poker offers the possibility to download some java software that makes it possible for Mac and Linux users can play online at bwin
Betfair Poker $600 Betfair Poker is part of the Betfair group of companies betting that operates globally with headquarters in the United Kingdom.

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