The tells are all those little things, sometimes imperceptible, that a poker player performs during a hand and from which we can derive important information for the reading of his cards. The book is very interesting though not to be considered as a mathematical treatise as science seems to want us to believe. There are in fact even the percentages of reliability and tell every chance of victory then, that this seems to be a bit ‘too much especially considering the fact that the first problem in reading the opponents tell, lies in understanding what they are spontaneous and but rather are the result of acting skill by the player.

Basically we can say that if you find yourself in front of a professional or at least a good player, it is best to let it go because i tell ‘could mean everything and the opposite of everything. If you find yourself in front of a media player or any skill ‘, then every small gesture will be’ very likely dictated by instinct and so spontaneous and real, in this case being able to read will give ‘an important aid for the reading of the his papers. It would perhaps be appropriate to review the book by Caro regarding photographs which appear really too dated risking then bring up all the considerations as “resolved.”


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