The chips Ceramic chips along with Real Clay are the best chips on the market. Are the chips used in most casinos’ Americans. Chipco Chips are also called, from the name of the factory that produces them. In some cases you will also find these chips in Ceramics “Real Clay,” in reality ‘this name is used only to identify them as professional casino chips’ unlike Composite chips instead are sold for domestic use only.

These, too, as the Real Clay are obviously among the most ‘expensive but the feeling in your hand in having these chips certainly repays the effort statement. They are usually very colorful and with possibility ‘of shades not permitted by Real Clay chips. Gia ‘a few years ago many casinos’ are abandoning these for 100% Real Clay Ceramic considered by many to be the material of the future with regard to the real professional casino chips’. The chips are used in the World Poker Tour.

The fundamental difference with the chips in Real Clay, and ‘that these ceramics have the design printed right on the surface of the chips to the edge. Therefore do not have an insert (Inlay) as the Real Clay.

Besides Chipco, there is ‘also’ another important factory that produces chips in ceramic, the Nevada Jacks, which realizes, however, ‘ different from that of a ceramic and Chipco quality ‘is slightly lower. The difference is’ visible and tactile: Chips Nevada Jack presented as a grid that affect the design, to touch this seems like a rough sticker pasted just below the surface of the chips. In fact, if we try to break them, the chips appear as a single piece. The sound ‘similar to Chipco chips but a bit’ muffled. They cost about 30 cents / one less of Chipco.


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