The poker game between all those desktop is by definition one that requires more discipline and dedication at all. To be a good player is not enough to know the rules of poker, but you must also follow a series of tricks and actions that can preserve us from the bitter experiences. Below I state 10 Practical advice that we should always remember quandoci are going to play a game of poker.

Play only if it is in good mental / physical

If we are not in full physical and mental shape, the game of poker can be expected. Better to be patient and wait for the illness we throw momentary. The situations of particular concern or anxiety, it will have a very negative role in a game of poker. When you sit down at the table, you should always pull a deep breath and try to download all the tensions that have plagued us throughout the day. The game poker is a game of fun and relaxation, let us remember always. Another important thing to take into account the consumption of alcohol. We try to keep an open mind limiting consumption might otherwise annebbiarci our intellectual capacity.


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